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  • VibeTribe Service Directory

    *•.¸¸¤ We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! *•.¸¸¤

    We are so grateful for your initiative & creativity in offering your unique gifts to the world. It is a joy to help promote one another's purpose and passion! And so beautiful for us to help co-create economic empowerment & freedom in doing what we love.

    In support of our community, we ask that you offer a 20% discount on services (no need to on goods) for VibeTribers who are in our membership program (& we will offer a way for you to verify that their membership is still current).

    The first 55 of you to sign up will also be given the opportunity to be interviewed about your services on our weekly VibeTribe Channel (over the next two years!) & you’ll be able to have that video for your own use!

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  • Any organization may contact HI VibeTribe at any time to have its information and content ​edited or ​removed from the website. Upon request, 3rd party content will be removed within 72 hours of notification, unless the campaign has been published. ​If so,​ the 3rd party information and content will be removed immediately thereafter. HI VibeTribe reserves the right at any time to remove information from the website without communication with the author or organization ​, and we will do our best to communicate, as well​.

    HI VibeTribe does not specifically endorse any organizations that are listed in newsletters and/or on the website, whether as news, items, or sponsors, and is not responsible for any of the items and/or offers sold from any seller. HI VibeTribe is simply a platform for exposure for Commerce and services of 3rd part​ies.

    All entries must be respectful. No selling of anything illegal. Views and opinions expressed in any resources and/or references included on the website do not necessarily state or reflect those of HI VibeTribe. HI VibeTribe will limit and protect any disclosure of your information, as you so request, to a necessary minimum. HI VibeTribe further expects our ​staff, volunteers and business partners to also respect your privacy and comply by the same policies. Mahalo for your participation. We warmly welcome all feedback & suggestions for improvement. And we highly value any help in implementing improvements, mahalo!