Play, Purpose and Presence Workshop

Play, Purpose and Presence Workshop

Sunday, February 7, 2016
5:45 – 9:00
2197 10th Ave., Honolulu HI


Play, Purpose, and Presence – A fundraiser and workshop where we will explore intention and fun in this and every moment. We’ll play games and exercises to explore what is most important to us, tapping into the heart of why, and how we can have fun through all of it. All proceeds will go to the support of a community home where growth, self-honoring, other-honoring, authenticity, and empathy are cultivated.

Authentic Relating Games are an opportunity to be where you are and savor it with those around you. This is an open space where everybody is valued because everybody has a piece of the truth. We each have a tremendous offering that we can bring to humanity. These “Games” will help us express our truth, in relationship to ourselves, in service of creating more joy and depth in every interaction. This workshop is inspired by the many other Authentic Communities popping up around the world, holding to the experience that the world at large and the individuals in it benefit the most when each person can: live in honesty, learn to hold space for others, know and appreciate each other’s uniqueness, and let down our walls to be ourselves.What are the games themselves like? Some of them are played
one on one, some in small groups, some with the whole group. They can be light, fun and playful, or serious and edgy. Almost all of them have a focus on paying attention to your experience of yourself and others in the present moment.

To help raise funds for the house, ensure maximum value for each participant, and the promise of a quality experience this will be a ticketed event with limited seating available. There will only be 20 tickets available at $25 each. Even though similar workshops go for $20 – $50 in various other locations we want to ensure a high quality experience that sells out! Come have fun and support conscious growth in the community.

The theme of the night will be Intention and Fun, and how going after what you really want will create more enjoyment and aliveness in life. Our intention and its afterglow show up in every part of our lives. Most people tend to hold back on playing full out; living from the heart, and being open and honest, about what we really want can be scary. Living full out is a risk with equal invitation topleasure and pain.

Tonight will be an invitation to step into playing full out in life, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. We’ll explore how life can be all fun and games when we are present and on purpose. This starts right now with the purchase of this ticket. This is game #1 for the night.

I want you to decide to come only if you are going to bring All of yourself. Make the decision to step forward into an experience, event, and community gathering where you will have an opportunity to play full out in a supportive environment.


Important Info and What Not:

Doors will open at 5pm for gathering and awkward social time.

We’ll start forming into a big group around 5:45 and the doors will be locked at 6 to create the container for a wonderful night.

The doors reopen at 7:30 for a 15 minute

interlude and break. If you purchase a ticket, please show up early to secure your seat and not be locked out (No refunds will be given to latecomers for fundraising events. All proceeds will already have been given away to people who make awesome sauce in life.).

For the comfort of everybody involved doors remain locked during the event. We’ll conclude the event around 9pm and keep the house open until 10 to share in the afterglow of a great evening.

Address and Parking:
2197 10th Avenue Honolulu, HI 96816. There is street parking within walking distance along 10th avenue and the streets close by.

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