AudiOasis: Song of the Gong

AudiOasis: Song of the Gong

✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ 

Aloha Light Bringer! 
I invite you to join us Sunday March 24th with our guest presenter, David Heiss, home from his travels to sacred sites in Cambodia. We are so excited for this as David has a very special relationship with the Gong & a very beautiful way of bringing forth “the Song of the Gong” ~a gentle yet powerful way of expanding consciousness. As he is a Yoga instructor, he will start off us with some yoga, for us to open and relax. Then he will further prepare us for our expansive gong journey by leading us in breathwork.
And please invite your friends & help spread the word? This is all a gift of love & you can help us reach the many out there who are seeking their tribe! 

Mahalo nui loa.✲♡”*•.¸¸☼

me ke aloha, Ka’imi

PS Scroll down to find channeling excerpts, mahalo! 

VibeTribe’s AudiOasis:

The Song of the Gong
& The Power of Pranyama

Sunday, March 24th  
6 pm  Vegetarian Organic Potluck Calabash ~ 7 pm Program
2197 10th Ave Palolo Valley Honolulu ~ the VibeTribe Community Sanctuary

“Breath is life and life is breath. Breath connects us with the present moment. The breath carries the oxygen and the prana (life force) that keeps us vibrant, healthy, and sometimes glowing. Our lungs are the largest organ inside our bodies. Pranayama or “breath control,” includes many different ways of breathing. We will dive into some of the most powerful and effective pranayama’s for guiding the body & mind into a receptive meditative state, enhancing and preparing us for the sensations of the Gong, allowing the healing vibrations into every cell of our body, awakening dormant areas, releasing others, . . . and so much more.  Pranayama and Song of the Gong are a good blend for enhancing overall awareness, blissful states, and healing on all levels.” ~David Heiss

Donation is on a sliding scale of $5 to $15 at the door. (We ask those who can to please provide for those who cannot, mahalo!). Also, Trade (such as organic food!) is welcome. We’ll also be happy with altcoin, such as XRP, or Ethereum (yes, we have a Wallet!). . . & no one is turned away, all are welcome!

♡ *•.¸¸ ☼ 6 pm to 7 pm Vegetarian-Vegan Organic Potluck Calabash 
♡ *•.¸¸ ☼ 7 pm Welcoming Words, Yoga, Pranayama & Song of the Gong*•.¸¸ ☼

♡ *•.¸¸ ☼ And, we will again celebrate abundance with our:
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& our *•.¸¸ ☼ HEALING SANCTUARY ~healers please come forward to share your skills! Two massage table will be available & you can also bring your own . . . ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

All of our gatherings are vegetarian, no-alcohol & no recreational drugs ~we like to uplift our spirits in the natural ways of singing, dancing, & being in community with one another. *•.¸¸☼

♡ We welcome you to join our inspired community of creators, empaths, leaders, artists, dancers, healers, musicians, fire spinners, starseeds, lovers of life, & wisely quiet observers! . . . with ✲ ĻƠṼҼ ✲ƌƝƊ ✲ ĻIǤҢƮ ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

*•.¸¸☼ Any Questions? Text Ka’imi anytime at 808-372-2082 
~ We are so grateful for each and everyone of you!

JOY.•*´¨`*•.LOVE ¸.•* ´¨*•.LIGHT ~Mahalo Nui Loa for all of yOur love on Planet Earth! ~ yOu are mAgic!☼
~~~~~~~~~~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 . . . it is your breathing which creates a conscious connection between your soul and all that is the Creator’s universe while you are in human form. ~Natalie Glasson

We know that it is an intense time to be embodied and so we send you a healing ray of love and light now. Breathe it in. Open up your heart chakra with great intention and feel our love for you. You may tear up a bit, it’s ok, let it be felt. And now, we acknowledge Gaia’s tremendous sacrifice, to be a part, so lovingly and willingly, of this experiment of the ages. It has not been easy for her, to put it mildly, and great damage has been done to her body, which we are in the midst of repairing.  . . . You are wealthy with the riches of the earth, for you are Gaia’s children and God always provides for her children, wherever they are placed. One must have the fortitude to look, to have faith, to believe, to see with the eyes of the heart, which we see many more of you doing hourly, which gives us tremendous joy.
There will be great changes, naturally, it is the end of an era (Kali Yuga) and the beginning of the era of the divine feminine, of pure love. And so of course there will be monumental changes, as the unbalanced masculine tips and falls, crashing into a million pieces. You, ground crew, with our help, will be there to rebuild, to restore, to heal, to nurture and to create Nova Gaia. You get to create the utopia that humanity was initially experiencing, and was designed to be caretakers of. What an exquisite honor! Hats off to you friends, for you are doing this. Every time you choose love, forgiveness and joy, you lay a new brick in the streets of Nova Gaia, paving the way for the others to follow. ~Ashtar via galaxygirl, March 12, 2019
Things are not getting worse; it is simply that the chaos, injustice and negativity are no longer hidden, covert, covered up and in the shadows. These expressions are being exposed in order to be transformed. Unfortunately, those who are not awake or aware continue to add to these dysfunctions by their judgments and resistance to what is being exposed. They focus on what they don’t like and don’t want and therefore add their energy to the very things they are opposed to. Remember, you are a part of the awakened collective consciousness expressing a new and higher vision of what is possible. You are intended to be the visionary and the activator of divine truths calling them forward, inviting their manifestation and creation. The energy of this awareness is opening the eyes, the heart and the clarity of more people allowing them to realize that many long-held beliefs and patterns in society are neither true nor acceptable. There is a tremendous shift taking place in the collective consciousness and you are an active part of seeding that shift. So stay true to your knowing and awareness, focus on what you desire to come forth, in your personal life as well as the larger picture unfolding on your planet. ~“We Are Here” team via Peggy Black

In the world of the soul, which is your natural home, live many other beings, including guides and teachers, whose heartfelt mission is to assist humankind on Earth. It is therefore natural and beautiful when you, in collaboration with such guiding lights, transmit information, warmth, and compassion on Earth. . . . The veil is thinning now; more light is coming from above, and that light comes from your souls which remain outside the veil. Although it is getting thinner, powerful people like you, who allow their light to shine, are needed here to serve as examples to others so that the mists dissolve. You are the light bearers; you bring in a new era and what you call channeling creates openings in the thick shroud that surrounds the Earth which has been filled with fearful and dark thoughts. Each time an opening occurs, and more light comes streaming through, there is more joy in the earthly atmosphere, more hope and encouragement. People are then more willing to look into another’s eyes, to hold another’s hands, and to recognize themselves in another, and that is the purpose of channeling. ~Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe, February 20, 2019
Humanity is on the verge of an enormous breakthrough in consciousness, in awareness, that will release untold new information into every heart that chooses to open to it about your ongoing spiritual evolution.  This moment was instantly and divinely planned when you chose to undergo the experience of separation, because God, in Her/His infinite Love for you, immediately willed that you have the perfect route out of the experience of separation, and back to full awareness of your Oneness with All.  As you have so often been told, it is your natural state, and it is a state from which you have never departed, despite all the apparent evidence to the contrary.
All humans presently incarnate on Planet Earth, and there are no exceptions, all humans presently incarnate are on Earth by their own choice to assist in the awakening process.  . . . People are now beginning to meet all across the world to discuss meaningful and non-threatening ways to deal with the myriad problems and issues that seem to be plaguing humanity. When people come together intending to have meaningful, thoughtful, and rational discussions, while leaving judgment and personal agendas behind at the door, amazing results occur as opportunities arise that could not have been preconceived.  ~Saul via John Smallman, March 4, 2019

You see things as solid, but nothing is—everything is energy fluctuating within vastly varying degrees of frequency—and, like vision, everything that your other four senses tell you also is what you perceive it to be—what you perceive is what you believe and that is your reality. Now let us put into that perspective your questioning how various situations are affecting the light—those you mentioned and all others are reflecting the myriad perceptions of reality within the populace at any given moment.
Putting all of those into the context of today’s happenings produces two primary and opposing perceptions—a world ruled by the few who feel entitled to do what they want is one; the other is a peaceful, harmonious world with justness and abundance for everyone. The continuously increasing strength of the latter perception’s energy in the collective consciousness is manifesting that envisioned and desired world.
Few journalists know that often information they call “fake” news is, instead, the truth. For instance, when the pedophile ring in the Washington, DC, area that is serving members of the US government and visiting dignitaries came to light —this became known as “Pizzagate”—dark ones quickly labeled it fake news, and unwitting reporters echoed that falsehood. A term of longstanding that was devised to hide the truth is “conspiracy theory,” and the public has been programmed to consign to the trash heap whatever media reports as such.
Although many still do believe that information to which either term is attached is lies or crazy ideas, others are realizing that issues are thusly labeled as cover-ups, and that is due to the efforts of journalists around the globe whose exhaustive research has exposed the pervasive corruption within their own industry; corporations; medical, entertainment and sports fields; governments and financial institutions.
We honor these men and women, whose soul contracts include not only writing talent, perseverance and courage, but the potential of professional discrediting, imprisonment or assassination because of their dedication to uncovering and publishing the truth. It should not be surprising that a large number of them are souls from other civilizations who volunteered to incarnate on Earth to serve in this capacity.
~Matthew  Via Suzanne Ward, February 14, 2019



~ VibeTribe is an open-source spiritual community of co-creators who unite once a month to inspire, learn, grow & celebrate. Centered in our own truth, we each & all step forward to lead our interactive gatherings, sharing wisdom from our own experience. (~ please connect with us about what you’d like to present at a future AudiOasis!). In this time of transformation for the world, we join together to create a powerful space to remember our superpowers as beings of Light, to realign & clear our energy fields & to step up our co-creation of the life & world we dream of!
♥ We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ♥ 


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