AudiOasis: *Magic Island Spirit Festival* with Jonathan Barry Fritzler! June 14th ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲

AudiOasis: *Magic Island Spirit Festival* with Jonathan Barry Fritzler! June 14th ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲

✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲

Aloha Light Bringer,

Jonathan’s back! It’s always a joy for me to be with Jonathan ~from even before we co-founded VibeTribe (on 12-12-2012!) And if you’ve been to an AudiOasis with Jonathan, you know how he amplifies the presence of Spirit ~he does this better than anyone!  He also brings great fun & dynamic multi-sensory expression & inspiration . . . especially through his success in gathering amazing people together to share their gifts ~& yOu are one of these people . . .

Please help us invite everybody in our world to join in this magical experience? And we’d love your help in co-creating it, too. Here’s the link to our volunteer sign-up form: Join our commUnity Co-Creation! ~we’d love to feel your joy of co-creation with us!  

me ke aloha nui loa, Ka’imi

PS scroll down for encouraging channeling excerpts . . . & remember to act now to get your discounted tickets for the OHM Expo! Plus it’s a great help to us if you buy your tickets early! at:  Mahalo nui loa!

VibeTribe’s AudiOasis:
Friday, June 14th, 2019 ☼
5 pm to 10 pm

*Magic Island Spirit Festival*

Dedicated to “Radical Self-Love” @ Magic Island Lagoon Waikiki 


Beloved Conscious Community of Oahu,  this is Jonathan Barry. Every time I come home, I am inspired to co-create with you all! And I feel deep joy and gratitude in being able to celebrate love and life with you. I am soooo excited to see you all! Please come together with me! Being part of these tribes brings so much joy to my heart. Lets make magic on Magic Island. May our prayers and music be heard in the heavens.
Here are the deets:
Join us for a night of magic as our Conscious Community unites for a Dance Party with the setting sun. 

Come celebrate the nearing Summer Solstice on Magic Island, where we will witness the light-show of the setting sun and feel the power of the Friday night fireworks, with our fire spinning, sound healing, and ecstatic beach dancing!

Its going to be MAGICAL!

This is our VibeTribe June AudiOasis, and our theme is RADICAL SELF LOVE! We dedicate this event to yOu!

We’ll offer a window into a flourishing future. We’ll reveal radical possibilities for self and society for us all to become the change we want to see.

Our VibeTribe embodies it’s own philosophy of “Optimistic Futurism,” based on the worldview that we are not just “along for the ride”but are active creators of our own reality. The attitude we bring to this act of creation determines what kind of world we live in. Through understanding the power of love-inspired attitude, we are capable of  wonderfully re-imagining our lives and the institutions that shape us.
This annual event is designed as an immersive, narrative-driven experience of the future. Attendees will explore the 8 Frontiers and get a taste of what the alchemists of the future are cooking up on the fringes of possibility . . .

🔥 Embodied movement
🔥 Breath-work
🔥 Meditation
🔥 Sound Healing
🔥 Intention Setting
🔥 Deep & Connected Communication
🔥 Ecstatic Dance
🔥 Fire

We host this soul-activating gathering to honor and commemorate your presence on this planet. This is a time to say HECK YES! to your higher self, to all of your deepest desires, and to claim your magic, beauty, and soul-powering awesomeness . . .

ALTAR: Bring Photos, Crystals to charge, Special Contributions and Hand Written Letters, we will be burning the letters during the fire ceremony


4-5 pm: Set up: (your help is welcomed and encouraged!)
Meet us at the ocean-end of the parking lot to join our set-up team, & please sign up now, here:  questions? ~contact Jonathan Fritzler at 503-577-7108.
6:30-7 Dynamic Movement, Yoga, Sunset Activation:
7-8 Sunset, Meditation, Intention Setting, Ceremony
8-8:30 Fire Transmission Ceremony
8:30-9:30 Ecstatic Dance Party
9:30-10 Clean up & Help Packing up to the parking lot

OPEN EVENT: Please join us & invite your friends in this co-creation of the love-based world that works best for ourselves & for everyone.

HEALING SANCTUARY: Healers will be offering body work & other healing modalities. If you are a healer and want to participate and offer your services, please confirm attendance as a healer (& please share with other healers!)
Apply Here:

LIVE ART: Any artists who feel inspired to bring a canvas and paint live at magic island- apply here (please share with other artists, as well!)
Apply Here:

OFFERING: Suggested minimum Gratitude Donation of $5 to $20 . . . (we also accept paypal & trade, such as organic food, we’ll also be happy with altcoin, such as XRP, or Ethereum ~yes, we have a wallet!) . . . no one is turned away, all welcome)and, for those who can donate more, we ask for $20, please ~for those who cannot, mahalo!

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT: if know of any adults or teens (-we can pay them!) who might want to be the lucky ones to play with, organize & supervise our precious keiki, please let me know ~Mahalo nui! ~Ka’imi​, 372-2082

CLEAN EVENT: Alcohol/drugs not allowed per Magic Island Park rules! The park has rangers now checking out events so please respect the park rules so we can continue having events here 🙂

♡ *•.¸¸☼! ♡ *•.¸¸☼ ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼ 
All of our gatherings are vegetarian, no-alcohol & no recreational drugs ~we like to uplift our spirits in the natural ways of singing, dancing, & being in community with one yOu. *•.¸¸☼

♡ Mahalo for joining our inspired community of creators, empaths, leaders, artists, dancers, healers, musicians, fire spinners, starseeds, lovers of life, & wisely quiet observers! . . . with ✲ ĻƠṼҼ ✲ƌƝƊ ✲ ĻIǤҢƮ ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

VibeTribe ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ 

¸JOY.•*´¨`*•.LOVE ¸.•* & ´¨*•.LIGHT¸.•*´
~Mahalo Nui Loa for all of yOur love on Planet Earth! ~ yOu are mAgic!☼ 

~~~~~~<<~Quotes, channeling excerpts & more~<<~~~~~~~~~

The desire and the ability to CREATE ~to create new things in the world, and to form new relationships ~this is very strong, right now. So too is the desire to be IN COMMUNITY ~to bring communities together and harness the power of communities to effect not just change, but the powerful presence of love, peace, and harmony. ~Lee Harris , June 1, 2019

A precious Spark of the Creator is who you really are. Oh, yes, you are in a dramatically stepped down form, but nevertheless, you are a Being of Love/Light.  The Divine Essence of our Mother/Father God is what you draw upon to bring your creations into manifested form: either joy, peace, love, and abundance, or you turn the energy into the lower frequencies of fear, pain, and limitation. Remember, you are a co-creator, and it is your choice as to what you manifest. . . . As you tap into and integrate more of the Light, you begin to walk tall, with purpose, and you make a positive impact on those around you. You become a leader instead of a follower – beginning by becoming the master of your own destiny –and by breaking free of the popular mass consciousness beliefs, thereby living and following your own truth and journey. ~~Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman, May 31, 2019

Life as a human, when you cease to focus your attention solely on your worldly concerns, is constantly offering you some wonderful experiences –beautiful sunsets, the gorgeous smell of fresh fruit, the glorious colors of flowers, trees swaying in the breeze, and hillsides covered in gorse or heather, the excited smiles of small children, the loving affection of your partners, and also your pet dogs and cats.  Truly there is SO MUCH for which you should be filled with gratitude! . . . To spend time daily in prayer, meditation, contemplation, or just quietly and effortlessly relaxing, is the most effective way to be aware of and experience the present moment ~where your life is actually happening.  NOW is when life occurs, and by making the time available daily to be present in the now moment is extremely good for your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. NOW is when life occurs, and by making the time available daily to be present in the now moment is extremely good for your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. . . .  In fact you may well find that it becomes the most important part of your day, as you find that your daily life is now running far more smoothly and easily. ~Jesus via John SmallmanApril 20, 2019

The Christed flame is burning brightly over the hearts of humankind, causing a deep inner metamorphosis from 3d into 5d and above, blasting away the matrix, and that which no longer serves. I Alcyone invite you to sit awhile with these intense, glowing energies. For they are little embers that you can tuck into your aura and your energy signature, as one who has seen the Central sun and not been burned, but instead internally ignited with the flame of the inner peace, of the inner Christ child that blooms and blossoms from deep within the sacred heart space of the once-locked-away secret garden of the human soul. Be unlocked. Be free. Burst forth. Shine your light. . . . Now it is time for you to be the silent leader of love, and for some, of financial distribution of abundance. For all the leaders of love, you are sharing of the divine being who you already are, for you are love. You are light. You are Source. Feel this download and be Christed. Be complete. Welcome the Source light into every one of your now spinning, morphing cells that are excited, ignited and very much alive, spinning away the dross into yet more light. The new forms of light are here. The angels are near. It is a glorious time. ~Alcyone, our great central sun via GalaxygirlMay 31, 2019

NEW Earth is birthed anew from within each one of us . . . in the silence, in the peace and through Pure Presence. It’s all of those creative and inspirational ideas . . .  combined with our skills and natural abilities, which are infinite when we are wide open for this. . . . NEW Earth is a whole new version of our earth . . . where all live in unity and peace, honoring our differences, honoring our skills, honoring our beauty and Divine ability to come together to CREATE all new realities, on a vast scale . . . together as LOVE, here. ~Lisa Brown, 4/23/19
It is now impossible for corrupt or deceitful practices to remain hidden or secret, and they are increasingly being uncovered and brought to the attention of all.  This truly is reason to celebrate!  . . . What is seen can be changed.  And that is happening all across the world as dictators and their cronies step down or are removed from power, while in so-called democracies the people are rising up and most vociferously demanding change.  And change is happening!  Do not be upset or depressed by the news of intense suffering, because none of it is new, it is just much more present in your awareness.  Instead, if you can assist physically in relieving it by financial donations, or by visiting areas where assistance is desperately required and by offering your services, then do so.  If not, do not judge yourselves as inadequate, thus allowing yourselves to be discouraged by your apparent inability to offer any meaningful assistance to those in desperate need.
Remember that you are all, every single human being without exception, divine beings having a physical experience in form for a reason that is spiritual.  You all chose to be incarnate at this point in Earth history in order to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and every single one one of you has a task to fulfill, and which you will fulfill – in fact you are fulfilling it right now in this present moment just by being. ~April 7, 2019 by John Smallman
You astound us with your determination and your light. Even now, when on the surface what you witness is darkness and horror, you have proven, once more, and finally, your devotion to your mission. It is a beautiful thing to witness. We wanted to say this so that you will trust these new inner thoughts, feelings, desires and responses as they show up. You are in the right place and it is the right time.  We thank you for your service to the whole. It is a privilege to witness.  ~family in the Pleiades via Sophia, 2019

Learn to stay centered, resting  in that clear, cool well of contentment within, regardless of outer appearances.  Watch less news, detach from 24/7 electronics, and be alert to aligning with negative discussions.  If or when you find yourself in this type of situation, don’t correct the others,  but rather stay centered and aligned, tossing out a seed or more of truth where there is receptivity. . . .   . . . Allow any shadow parts to assume their rightful place as representative of who you thought you were at that time.  Let everything  that has caused you to feel “less than” fade away and  Light to take its place.  Everyone is only required to live their highest attained level of awareness, doing the best they can  with what they know in all situations.  ~Arcturian Group  via  Marilyn Champagne Raffaele

You are the Power of the Universe, for you are made of Love, and that power has the ability to transform anything into purity and harmony and abundance with a flick of the switch of your intention for anything coming into your consciousness to be colored by Love, defined by Love, created by Love. ~Master Lanto via Fran Zepeda

~ VibeTribe is an open-source spiritual community of co-creators who unite once a month to inspire, learn, grow & celebrate. Centered in our own truth, we each & all step forward to lead our interactive gatherings, sharing wisdom from our own experience. (~ please connect with us about what you’d like to present at a future AudiOasis!). In this time of transformation for the world, we join together to create a powerful space to remember our superpowers as beings of Light, to realign & clear our energy fields & to step up our co-creation of the life & world we dream of!


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