AudiOasis: “One Love ~Soul Song Celebration!”

AudiOasis: “One Love ~Soul Song Celebration!”

☼ Aloha Loving Hearts,
So very much to be grateful for! I am especially grateful for our guest presenter, Michael Wall, coming to AudiOasis this Sunday ,12/4! Michael is co-creator of the recent & spectacular Vege Fest 2016, & co-founder of Fire Tribe Hawaii ~sacred fire circle held for 11 years, with 44 magical gatherings. Michael has an amazing collection of deeply-felt, heart-expanding chants, & amazing skill in helping everyone join in the joy of singing. He also has a deep understanding of our inner divinity, and of the value of community in helping us to live from our hearts ~& as you know, our world needs us to sing out our heart & soul songs, now, more than ever.
All are welcome!

VibeTribe’s  AudiOasis:

One Love ~Soul Song Celebration!

 Sunday, December 4th, 2016

2197 10th Ave ~Vibe Tribe Community Sanctuary~Palolo Valley

☼ 6 to 7 ☼ High Vibe NON-GMO, Vegetarian/Vegan Potluck Calabash!

☼ 9 to 9:45 ☼  Dance Party!  

☼ 5 pm Set-Up ~we welcome youuuur help ☼
☼ We will again have our ☼ Healing Sanctuary☼ ~healers gifting their skills (you can be among them!)

& the ☼ Free Store!☼ ~Give what you no longer need, take what you do, mahalo!

☼ We ask for a Heart ♡ Donation of $5 . . . & for those who can donate more, please do so for those who cannot, mahalo! ☼
~Mahalo Nui Loa for all yOur love on Planet Earth!! ~ yOu are mAgic & together, we are the change we seek ~One Love!☼

✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲VibeTribe is an intentional community convening once a month to unite with our incredible friends & family to celebrate life, love, food, music, and the rise of our Collective Consciousness! ~We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ ✲

 ~~~~~~~~~~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A wave of energy which landed on Earth on September 27th is still coming in. This wave is raising everything to new levels including the vibrations of all humans everywhere. It is not only humanity, but every plant, animal, rock, and leaf. . . . We will tell you that you are about to take another turn. . . . Because of the higher vibration, you can now see things that were blocked from your view before. You are looking at all the rules you have set out for yourselves and others, and re-examining many of them. That is beautiful. It means you are allowing your own belief systems to evolve to the level from which you can now see.

. . . You have new capabilities of finding and grounding passion in your life in all new ways, and simplifying your lives. You are now starting to reveal worlds which you have not seen since the times of Lemuria. It was in Lemuria that you had deep connections with each other. It was no problem at all to connect in a different way and simply say, “Oh, you are a part of me. I feel you, I feel your needs; I will move aside and make this space for you.” . . . You have incarnated over and over and over again since the days of Lemuria. Your mission has been to be here when evolution was critical in your honoring of human rights. . . . [You know that] society has the capability of creating an environment in which all of you can grow and evolve in the most incredibly beautiful ways. These are the new times on your planet. As creators, you have created them! ~the Keeper of Time via Steve Rother, November 16, 2016

Circles invite all to be part of the grateful event and they allow the humans present to look each other in the eye while rounding and connecting themselves in step with the universe. ~Matthew Fox

For eons, you and all members of 3D society covered up, hid and feared to address those insults, anger, slights and fears that stopped you from being yourself. Perhaps it was no more than a neighbor ignoring you, or as fearful as you wondering if you and your family would survive an earth or human holocaust. Even though you did survive, the ongoing wound of, “When will it be my turn?” lingered throughout your being. Those hidden fears are now exposed for your final healing. Your current suffering is at a surface level and will not be something you need to address for weeks or months, as was true for your eons of internally-held fears. 

Maybe you are fearful that the earth is slipping backward regarding diversity and ecology? Such is not true. For if you are reading this material, you have clarified within yourself what is acceptable to you. You have focussed and cleared your fears to the point where you can express your fears, knowing deep within you that all is well, despite messages to the contrary. For what is happening now is not compliance, but instead, “This is not acceptable in my world.” So it is that you, en masse, are focussing on what you want, instead of what you believe is.

You will discover within yourself your new being of love that will crush (yes, crush is the correct word) the fear that is now expressed. You no longer need to cower in the corner telling others that he or she did this or that to me. You are different beings than you were mere months ago. And so it is that, even though you will sense and feel the hate, you know deep within you that is not your world, for you are creating a new world. This is a new world with new light. A light that will shine on all. And all you have to do, to be part of this new revolution, is to know deep within you that no one and nothing is more powerful than you. [You are] Shining your light so those out in the cold, as it were, know something else is available. Your light will touch your so-called ‘leaders’ (-for you no longer need leaders) as much as the common person. Your light of love will radiate throughout the globe, helping even earth move through its pain and anger. You will discover, that the rage and fears of others does not impact you as it once did. That, in fact, it feels a bit silly. For you know who you are without anyone needing to tell you who you should be. ~channeled via Brenda Hoffman, November 18, 2016

Key Elements of the New Age: 


Joy is the key element!


Pain is no longer fashionable.
Caretaking and victimhood are functions of pain.
It is now much easier and comfortable to access joy, than to access pain.
Rules do not apply.
Karma is no more.
Creation is your role.
You create your reality more easily than ever before.
Any creation can be changed or altered at any time.
. . . Before you access joy, and thereby create what you want, you need to answer the following questions:

o Who am I? 
o What do I want? 
o Why do I want it?  
~Brenda Hoffman          

These are changing times, awakening times, and sometimes the awakening happens in a rude and stark manner, and this is what is occurring now. In the meantime, the cosmic energies are inundating the atmosphere of the Earth and everyone upon her. These energies are increasing immensely in their intensity and so all that is occurring has an element of wild and unstable possibilities. And so, you Beloved Ones, who have been training and preparing for these times, are now in position to create the stability that is so very necessary as this plays out upon the surface of the planet. 

Many of you are experiencing more and more moments of extreme happiness, joy and bliss within yourselves and this is excellent! This is an excellent way to shine your Light – for this is the frequency of the new Golden age. Those who can maintain and sustain these frequencies are the ones who are aligning with the Golden age possibility and certainty. Those of you who are experiencing this are also experiencing creative ideas and creative possibilities. Each day is filled with boundless inspiration. 

You are the forerunners of that which is in the future for all of humanity when everyone upon the planet will have their basic needs provided. They will have, suddenly, this opportunity to explore their inner realms and they will find this process exciting and most liberating. Upon your world right now, there are diverse evolutionary levels within the understanding of each person and this is something that will continue for a few more years. It requires the loving patience of everyone who is aware that they can make a difference by maintaining a peaceful, calm attitude as the turbulence of the energy effects take place. ~Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff, November 20, 2016

As we speak about the players involved, we ask you to please remember what we have said many times—never is our interest in our Earth family politically motivated and never do we judge any of you. . . . It is not only people in the United States who have the most to gain or lose by who becomes their president. The same is so for the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati. Their heavy influence on Wall Street and in the nation’s government is due in large part to Bill and Hillary Clinton, who cooperate with that secret society; formerly among the few at its peak, when they saw its global control waning a decade or so ago, they established their own power base and funding sources. However questionable the Illuminati may deem Donald Trump’s campaign promises, they know he is “his own man,” a person they could not control.

During the weeks leading to the election, the energy of voters’ anger and distrust surrounding Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump increased to such an extent that it started drawing unto itself the streamers of all the scenarios, each of which had the potential to lead Bernie Sanders into the presidency. [The scenarios are described in the August 19, 2016 message.]  What would have transpired in orderly fashion as the streamers ran their well-defined courses, instead became an energy hodgepodge that could be likened to an octopus flailing in a sea of confusion. Energy is neutral, it simply flows in the direction set by intent. In this case, intent was to influence the election outcome, and the employment of various ways—some at odds with others—eventually created the octopus. . . . Clinton supporters in the Democratic National Committee maneuvered to Mrs. Clinton the votes in critical primaries that actually were won by Bernie Sanders; thus, it was she instead of the voters’ choice who became the Democratic party nominee. . . . The direction in which Mr. Trump and the Republican party want to take the country is in opposition to prevailing vibrations, which will continue to heighten along Earth’s ascension pathway. That party’s direction is in conflict with Gaia’s vision, which is shared by enlightened souls and their numbers are increasing by the day.  Beloved family, do not fear what might happen. Create what will happen by steadfastly living your light! Countless beings throughout this universe honor and support you with the unequaled power of unconditional love. ~Matthew via Suzanne Ward, November 11, 2016

The single most important thing we can do is to practice the heart’s intelligence in our everyday, moment-to-moment expressions. When this is done, you are truly aligned to this mission of helping the planetary shift. Choose to be a filament of coherent energy, a hub of heart intelligence that expresses itself in your everyday encounters. The planet, in a real sense, depends on our choice in this specific matter. The dimensional shift is arriving with increasing clarity. It is beginning to rumble and weave. Now is the time for each of us to make this choice consciously and to live it consciously. This is our time. ~Wingmakers, & James Mahu

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