AudiOasis: “Reflect & Renew” January 7, 2017

AudiOasis: “Reflect & Renew” January 7, 2017

☼ Aloha Bright Lights,

This Saturday, January 7th, you are invited to VibeTribe’s New Year AudiOasis, “Reflect & Renew.” Our guest presenter ismeditating mystic Zen Yogi (and forever island girl) Nkolo, visiting from San Francisco! Nkolo specializes in the art of being, dances with her intuition, and interprets unlimited subjects for all “woke” and waking soul searchers :). 

Our meditation will support each of us in attaining even more expression of inner divinity & living from our heart in this new year of 2017.

Mahalo to all who came together to co-create our 12/25/16 Celebration of Light, with our music-jam so soul-lifting. ~This Saturday, please again bring your music-making instruments & warm up your beautiful voices, as we will have time for moremusic, drumming & dancing, with open mic, & including a live theater/dance performance by the multi-talented Sage Bee & the ever-so-dear Travis Joy. All are welcome!

me ke aloha nui loa, Ka’imi

PS scroll down to find channeling excerpts (below the plumeria), mahalo! 

VibeTribe’s AudiOasis: Reflect & Renew!” 

 Saturday, January 7, 2017  ☼ 6 to 10 pm

☼ 2197 10th Ave, Honolulu 96816 ☼ 

Vibe Tribe Community Sanctuary~Palolo Valley

☼ 5 pm Set-Up ~we welcome your help ☼
☼ 6 to 7 ☼ High Vibe, non-gmo, Vegetarian/Vegan Potluck Calabash!
☼ 7 to 9 ☼: “Reflect & Renew!” ~& water blessing, toning, dolphin pods, meditation & more . . .
☼ 9 to 9:30 ☼ Music & Drumming Jam & Dance Party!  ♫♫ ♫ ♫♫

We will again have our . . .

Healing Sanctuary ☼ ~offering body work & healing modalities (you can be among them!) & the

Free Store! ☼ ~Give away any gifts you didn’t like, take what you do! 

☼ We ask for a minimum Heart Donation of $5 . . . & for those who can donate more, please do so for those who cannot, mahalo! ☼ 

~ Mahalo Nui Loa from our hearts to yours for all yOur love on Planet Earth!

You are mAgic . . . & together, we are the change we seek!☼

Inline image 1~~~~~~~~~~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Going into this potentially groundbreaking year, remember the big picture of why you are here. Remember your role as a divine changemaker. You are not an accidental tourist who happens to be here as the world goes through its messy remake. On a soul level, you have a destiny here. The world needs your love, your consciousness, and your light. And you as a human being need to have the completions and self-realizations available because of living now. In no other lifetime to date could you do what is possible now. Pay attention to what’s happening, but pay more attention to managing your own energy and emotional responses. You may need more sleep or more frequent refueling to stabilize when so much stress is in the air. Do your best to avoid taking things personally by being a neutral observer. Come back to your center often to be reminded of what really matters to you, and to feel the hopefulness at your core. ~SelaciaDec 30, 2017

Empower the Soul Essences you wish to create from; such as Love, Joy, Peace, Wonder, etc; by being them, and focusing on them. In time, your actions are different; your thoughts are different and you feel different. By focusing on how you want to feel, you create from that feeling. ~Kara Schallock, January 2, 2017

It is valuable at this time to recognise the wealth of unconditional Creator love that exists within your being, emanating from your soul through your higher heart chakra and heart chakra, & in truth, through every aspect of your being.

Throughout 2016, you have been consciously or unconsciously absorbing love and aligning yourself with your inner love and Creator love.

Consciously focus upon breathing love from your heart chakra into all aspects of your being and surroundings, let this love be so nourishing, illuminating and enlightening. Let it cleanse all illusions, pain, suffering, and anything that is no longer needed. This is a simple and yet empowering practice to achieve at least once a day as we enter 2017 as well as throughout the year. ~the Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, December 30, 2016

 Please feel free to share this & to invite friends & family to join our mailing list.  Mahalo nui!  Questions?~Contact Ka’imi Nicholson,, (808) 372-2082 *•.¸¸☼  We are so grateful for the joy of sharing messages of hope with you, & so grateful for all who hear the call to share the empowerment of our freedom, health, creativity & love, ~you rock! 
 Having support from people we love and trust amplifies our commitment, courage, creativity & learning.
Being present and heart-directed, expressing kindness and creativity, we are consciously participating in our own evolutionary development. ~Tej Steiner 

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