Crystals, Gong and Qi Gong Vibrations

Crystals, Gong and Qi Gong Vibrations

In this event we will explore the healing proporties of the powerful, and protective stone Hemitite. Working with crystals is an amazing way we can take healing into our own hands! In adition you will recieve Energy Attunements, through the power of Sound, Reiki, and Medical Qigong. All of these forms of healing are based on vibration, so when they are all combined magic can happen!

This class an exciting collaboration between Sage Bee – Student of Taoist Medicine & Reiki Master, and SuperNova Sarah – Reiki Master, Gong Master, Wellness Coach.

You will:
1) learn the healing properties of the Hematite
2) how to use it in self-healing
3) receive sound journey attunement with Gong Vibrations from Sarah & Zedika (the gong) & Qi Gong energy work with tuning forks from Sage!
4) take a Hematite crystal home with you!

This is a powerful learning experience you want to show up for!
Knowledge + Experience + Healing = Wisdom & Energy Upgrade ♥

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to get signed and settled in!

$22 for the experience. Includes a beautiful piece of Hematite to take home with you!

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