“Earth Love” April 21st AudiOasis @ the Good Vibe Center!

“Earth Love” April 21st AudiOasis @ the Good Vibe Center!

Aloha Bringers of Light,

We’re celebrating EARTH DAY this Saturday! . . . with super practical & great guidance from Rose Love & Mark Harmon for Living Lightly on the Earth ~ regarding non-toxic home products, healthy food & lifestyle choices & sustainable practices!

Then Halle Senger will weave her magic with meditative & interactive teachings to connect us with the loving energy of the Earth, ourselves, & each other. Helping us cultivate a more intimate understanding of what it means to ground, both physically and energetically, & making sure we come away with practical tools that will enhance the quality of our lives.

We’re so excited to be in Mark Harmon’s gorgeous, new venue this month ~ the GOOD VIBE CENTER ~Which is in the Marin Tower, 925 Maunakea, mauka of The Naughty Vegan Studio~ expansion of amazingness!

♡ 6 pm VEGAN Organic Potluck Dinner It’s most Earth Friendly!
Please bring your own bowl, plate, fork, spoon, and water bottle. We’ll provide filtered water for your refills as we’re practicing kindness to our Mother Earth in honor of Earth Day & everyday♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

♡ We welcome you to join our inspired community of creators, leaders, artists, dancers, healers, musicians, fire spinners, lovers of life, & wisely quiet observers! . . . with ✲ ĻƠṼҼ ✲ ƌƝƊ ✲ ĻIǤҢƮ ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

Yes, we will have our FREE STORE! Bring what you no longer need & take what you do! ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼
& HEALING SANCTUARY ~ healers please come forward to share your skills! We’re creating a Healers Healing Healers Circle ~would you like to join?! Contact WayneBow, Badger Compton or me! ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

& KEIKI ZONE for supervised keiki and their families to create ART! Please feel free to donate any arts & crafts for our future events. Mahalo! ♡ *•.¸¸ ☼

MUNICIPAL PARKING located near the GOOD VIBE CENTER is accessed via Smith St. $3 all night. Street parking is FREE after 6pm.

It’s a tremendous gift that we have these three vibrant presenters together for this honoring of Mother Earth. Please join us!

me ke aloha nui, Ka’imi

PS Did you hear the news? We’re getting our Palolo Valley VibeTribe Community Sanctuary back! . . . magic & miracles!

VibeTribe’s AudiOasis:
“Earth Love”
with Guest Presenters Halle Senger, Rose Love & Mark Harmon!

Saturday, April 21, 2018
@ The Good Vibe Center
925 Maunakea St.
☼ 6 pm Vegan Potluck & 6:30 Program​ ​☼​

VENUE: The Good Vibe Center is on the ground floor of Marin Tower, 925 MaunaKea St. Marin Tower covers a large area of the corner of Nimitz & MaunaKea, & the door is on Maunakea St, mauka of The Naughty Vegan Tattoo Studio. Look for multicolor string lights in the windows! ~***~ And mahalo nui Mark Harmon, of the The Naughty Vegan Studio, for this fabulous new venue!

PARKING: There’s Chinatown municipal parking in the Marin Tower, $3 all night! The entrance is on Smith Street between Nimitz and King. There’s also a parking lot that’s free after 4 pm on the Ewa side of Nimitz & MaunaKea. Street parking is free after 6, it’s hit or miss. (Ask your parking angels!)

Questions? Text Ka’imi anytime at 808-372-2082

~~~~~~~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~~~~~~~~~

The energetic networks of Mother Earth distribute the life force energy of the Creator throughout the Earth. They distribute life-giving energy to all while being channels for delivering remembrance, inspiration and truth. When the meridians of Mother Earth are broken or misaligned, then the people and beings of that area often lack in spiritual knowledge and awareness as well as knowledge of the Earth. Mother Earth communicates to humanity in many ways, and yet one of the most powerful ways is by delivering her energy and wisdom through her meridians, energy networks and chakras. . . . It is true that the Creator is within everything, and yet [humans] do not realise that it is Mother Earth’s sacred soul who can share the most profound enlightenment concerning ascension, mastery and fulfilment upon the Earth. Mother Earth has all the keys and answers that humanity seek, and humanity overall is at a stage of resisting Mother Earth and all she has to share. Such resistance within humanity is a resistance of their own true self. Therefore, our purpose in the realignment activation of the energetic networks of Mother Earth is to empower humanity to know and accept themselves more fully. ~Maitreya via Natalie Glasson, 21st December 2017

I am overjoyed to be joining you and looking upon planet earth to see all the incredible changes that are taking place. We see humanity’s base vibration rising more than you could possibly know. Now we tell you, if you’ve watched the news lately, know that you’re going to get only one side of anything. At this time​, humanity is still clearly moving backwards. However, the base energy has now changed with action and movement on your part. Standing clearly in your own truth, being able to speak it when called upon at the right moments. It can start making a huge difference on your planet right now. The separation that you see now is the precursor to change. . . . With no more secrets it’s only a matter of time before everyone can see who and what is behind the manipulation. Humanity is poised to catapult forward, and although it will take some time, it is now underway. It is really the beginning of a unity process of coming back together in different ways, not only in the government, but even in your thinking processes. Follow the money and watch what happens.
Many are tired or simply don’t believe it is happening. Others will turn their back on it until the last moment. Some simply are exhausted and don’t want to change, so please do not judge them. Allow them to choose their own path​. for that is absolutely critical on this planet. ​You have free choice. . . . You’ve won the game already and now you’re starting an incredibly magical turn.​ . . . I am overjoyed to bring you a message of hope and love, to share with you that the energy has started to change. You haven’t seen it yet, but it is coming very soon​ because of you, because your hearts are connecting to each other. Know that you’re on a wonderful path. ~Em via Steve Rother, April 17, 2018

Not following the crowd is now an acceptable concept for you. The step beyond that is what you are afraid of. Do you dare accept your power to be in joy in its totality or do you hide your power to create, to be in all your glory? It is as if you are an Olympic star afraid to show others how skillful you are. So you accept being good, but not great. The world now requires great. For you are the forerunners. And if you forerunners are afraid to be truly you, who will the masses follow? . . . You are the forerunners creating a new human world.
Only a very small portion of your totality has ever been fully of the earth. The remainder was hidden from you by you to fit in. No longer is that required. In truth, no longer is that desired. Be you. It is beyond time for that truth. BE FULLY YOU. ~Brenda Hoffman, April 6, 2018

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