Empath Circle Event

Empath Circle Event

♥Join us as we inspire & expand our amazing powers for good.♥
*•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼ Tuesday, January 24, 2017 *•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼

Greetings, Please join us for a very special evening with my friend and ally –

Tom Joyce

Tom has graciously agreed to share of his heart, and his talk will center on such themes as :

Champion of Light and why he does it.
Despite the pain, the blame, the shame.

War Stories of a chronic Empath
Tales from the Front Lines that can help us re-member
The magnitude of the responsibility and the Gift we all give
When we give of ourselves and share the grace that has been shared with us.
The grace that comes of the curse that is the gift of the human heart.

It is Tom’s intention to do his best on our behalf to make it an evening of
Encouragement and of Validation, to remind us of the Victories we each have
Already won, with a closing focused on the theme of Hope for the Future.

~We gather together monthly to better understand our gifts & take more loving care of ourselves, sharing what has worked for us, & practicing new skills . . . so we’ll shine our lights more brightly, & live more joyful, balanced,& loving lives~

* * * This meeting is open to all, please bring friends! * * * * *

~ Heart Donations are greatly appreciated & accepted, Mahalo ~

*•.¸¸☼ We’d love to see your RSVP ~ & for more information:
Mojo, 351-3380, &/or email : mykarmareadings@yahoo.com
*•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼ *•.¸¸☼

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