Harmonizing Your Universe ~ Sound Journey

Harmonizing Your Universe ~ Sound Journey

This is a powerful time of the year! Let us tap into the high energies and help us to step into alignment with our dreams. Each one of us deserves to live a life filled with #synchronicity, and if it hasn’t quite aligned for you yet, let this be the night!

If you wish to know more as to WHY this is a powerful time of the year, scroll below! ALSO, find more info about the benefits of the Harp & the Gong below!

Join Amanda Odish Therapeutic Harpist & SuperNova Energetics Thursday evening for a #magickal Sound Journey utilizing the harmonics of the Harp, the Gong, Tibetan Bowls and more. Lay back and allow the sound scape to bring you into an expansive journey within and help to bring clarity, rejuvenation, inspiration & harmony into your heart and mind.

We have decided to leave this to be a **Donation** event

We innerstand that not everyone has monies to give, yet Everyone could use some rejuvenation!, so we have left it open for trade

A friendly reminder! Everything is energy exchange 🙂 To keep a balance of give and receive, if you feel you do not have $ to donate, we also accept trade (i.e Organic-Nongmo food, Crystals, services, etc.)

—>Please Arrive Early to find parking and get settled in! We only have the space for 1.5 hrs, so it is important to start on time. Mahalos!

**Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Chairs may be available. We have quite a few pillows here, but Bring anything you like to help make yourself comfortable (blankets, pillows, etc.) when on the floor! It is also a good idea to have a bottle of water (with a lid)!

Call or text Sarah Daigle if you have trouble finding us, at 808.226.5868. Text is best within 30 minutes of event time!


The #NewMoon is always a time of the moon cycle to go within, gather all your tools, tips and ideas and plan your next steps for this next phase of your life. This is a powerful one as the moon is in Aquarius, urging us to express ourselves, to visualize our dreams, to travel and to restore that trust and confidence in new experiences. This is a new year of absolute change. Embrace it and allow your Self to transform.

Saturday is also the Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster. Bringing in a firey energy, the dawn of new awakenings, triumph and success. Good fortune is on its way for many, we just have to rid ourselves of doubt and open ourselves up to receive.

Let this evening be the evening you step fully into the New You. Allow your Self to let the sound bring you answers to your next steps in creating this new you. And allow your Self to feel fully supported by the Universe.
The Power of the Gong & Harp:
-Balance Left & Right hemispheres of brain (corpus callosum)
-Stimulate Creative Centers in Right side of brain
-More Clarity/Awareness/Productivity/Creativity
-Activate & Recalibrate cellular electro-magnetic activity
-Strengthens & Resets Autonomic Nervous System
-Lowers Blood Pressure
-Raises your Energetic Vibration to a more harmonized state
-Relieves Stress
-Alleviates Pain – #PainRelief
-Assists Body/Mind in its natural healing process
#Relax & #Rejuvenate the body/mind/soul

-Helps to connect deeper to your Self and/or maybe a Source that is higher than your Self (accessing #Theta & #Gamma brainwaves)
-The gongs are known as a gift from the cosmos bringing connection to cosmic energies from the Akasha Rivers (Akashic Records)
-Possible remembering/discovering of information from all aspects and all lifetimes of your Self and beyond…past, present, future
-Helps to bring clarity to higher purpose here in this life
-Can assist in resolution with past emotional pain/traumas

**This is a great space to bring a journal or something to write on. Also, please feel free to bring any crystals/stones or sacred objects you wish to cleanse and supercharge with the gong. And feel the deeper connection to your crystals within the gong vibrations!

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