Healer Training Meet & Greet

Healer Training Meet & Greet

This meeting is for you who would is already signed up to take the Healer Training, and for you who is interested and would like to learn more.

The meeting takes place at the beautiful, serene office of Rainbow Crystals Hawaii, conveniently located at Kahala Professional Building. It’s a chance to see the environment where the training will take place and get to know some of the crystals (and people) you would be working with. You will get to participate in some simple exercises to get a hands-on experience for what the training will be like. Feel free to linger after the meeting to chat and get all your questions answered.

The training and the meeting is hosted by Sueli Terra Nova Todorovich, an authentic shaman and gifted healer from one of the indigenous tribes of Brazil. This is the FIRST Healer Training she has ever hosted in the English language and represents a unique opportunity to enter a very sacred path. It’s a well-rounded training where you will learn about working with crystals, chakras, herbs, oils, sacred geometry, rituals and more.

This training is certified by The National Assocaiton of Holisitic Wellness and can therefore be a gateway to your new career and life path as a healer!

“The world needs more healers – we need to save this earth”. – Sueli Terra Nova Todorovich.

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