HI VibeTribe’s Dance Church ~every Sunday except for Feb 23 ~when we’ll be at the OHM Expo!

HI VibeTribe’s Dance Church ~every Sunday except for Feb 23 ~when we’ll be at the OHM Expo!

Dance Church ~Collaborative~ every Sunday

~except for Feb 23 ~when we’ll be at the OHM Expo!!

 Hosted by HI VibeTribe

Yes, Every Sunday (except Feb 23rd)

10:30 AM Sign-in & Set-up

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Free Spirit Dancing

♥ ♥ ♥ Ecstatic Dance is an opportunity to move authentically, exactly as your body feels called! Anything goes in Ecstatic Dance! When we move from this place of authenticity, not only is it ridiculously fun, it is healing for the mind, body, and spirit. We offer the VibeTribe Community Sanctuary (our home in Palolo!) for free-spirit dancing *every Sunday!* ~for yOu, our beautiful tribe! * * * This is a collaboration~ everyone co-creates the experience * * * (That’s why set-up is at 10:30 am ~those who can help with set-up!) VibeTribe provides the space, a simple sound system, & sample playlists . . . We invite yOu to jump in & offer your own playlists & DJ talents! And/or your hosting & dance-leading inspiration . . .
~ ~ ~ Move to the music & let your soul lead the way ~ ~ ~
♫♫ ~* “We gather to Dance our Prayers, Co-create Magic & Miracles ~*~ & send our Blessings to All Creation” *~♫♫ ~quoting Jami Deva, DJ from the Big Island!
Gratitude donations are welcome! ~suggested donation $11 because we are in Oneness. . . . Organic food also welcome!
♫♫ ~*~ ♫♫ ~*~ ♫♫ ~*~All are welcome! ~*~ ♫♫ ~*~ ♫♫ ~*~ ♫♫  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Questions? Text Ka’imi 372-2082 ~Mahalo nui!
~*~Ecstatic Dance Agreements~*~ We co-create a “Freeform Movement Temple” ~To maintain ultimate comfort, & freedom of soul expression, we agree to the following:
1. We move how so ever we wish!
2. We refrain from talking on the dance floor ~we whisper off the dance floor, as needed . . . or go outdoors to speak.
3. We respect everyone’s space & inward focus, occasionally graciously inviting interactive dance, & honoring gracious decline.
4. We are free of any drugs or alcohol
5. We refrain from taking photos or video (until optional group photo at end!). . . we refrain from wearing scents.
Mahalo nui loa!

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