Red Tent Women’s Gathering

Red Tent Women’s Gathering

Welcome, women of all ages, to the Red Tent. Around the world, women and girls have been gathering in new moon circles similar to the Red Tent for thousands of years.

This month, our theme is Womb Health and Flourishing. We will connect to our wombs in a mindful, conscious way and explore how we can deepen this connection to our bodies and our womanhood in a way that brings health, flourishing, joy and connectivity.

♥ ♥ ♥ Bring your favorite vegetarian disk for potluck! Please be on time as the doors will lock! ♥ ♥ ♥

We gather to give and receive support, to share stillness, movement, laughter, tenderness and food. In our fast-paced society the Red Tent provides a place for us to slow down and connect, talk story and nourish things specifically female. In the Red Tent, we celebrate our experience in a female body. We give our spirits space to breathe and expand, and we share stories that only other women can understand. It’s a place of safety, rest, rejuvenation and rejoicing.

The Red Tent is a space open to all of us, where we are free to be exactly who and how we are right now.

“Each time women gather in this way to support, celebrate and strengthen each other, the world heals a little bit.” – Matilda Videgârd

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