Soulspiration and Empath Circle

Soulspiration and Empath Circle

Aloha Beacons of Light,

We have a very special offering this Sunday evening, which I highly recommend (& I don’t know when/if will come again). A fabulous combination of the beautiful music, amazing voice, & radiant heart-light of singer-songwriter, Kiana Luna, with a presentation by the wonderful artist Una Jasmine (visiting here for a short time.) Una has the gift of clairvoyance, & is able to paint what she sees. Her “Soul Portrait” paintings are very beautiful & seem to emit light. Seeing ourselves & each other in this way is becoming ever more important, now, as we are each embodying our higher selves more & more. These windows-to-the-soul can be a beautiful inspiration as well as celebration!

This wonderful event is by donation, please come & enjoy a beautiful & inspiring experience.

I also ask you to spread the word about our Empath Circle meeting this Tuesday evening at 7 pm. Ella, our facilitator at our first meeting, was fabulous, & this will be her last time with us ‘til next winter. I’d like everyone to experience her lovely & gentle methods of facilitation to guide us, as we may choose to take turns for our future meetings!

(See below for more about our group.)

Mahalo nui for all of your light.

me ke aloha nui, Ka’imi

PS & please scroll down for channeling excerpts & more, below the plumeria, about this magical month, mahalo!


 ~Soulspiration with Una White & Kiana Luna~ 

Healing Portraits, Readings, & High Frequency Music!

Sunday March 20th, 2016
7:00 to 9:00 pm
2197 10th Ave. ~the VibeTribe Community Sanctuary~ Palolo Valley 96816
~lots of free parking on the street~

Please join us on this Sacred Night of the Equinox~ for this unique and rare opportunity to experience this first-time collaboration with Internationally Renowned Transpersonal Art Therapist and Soul Portrait Art Healer, UNA JASMIN WHITE~ and International Singer/Songwriter/Performing Artist, KIANA LUNA~ as they invite you to experience their Divine Purpose through Art~ into to their world of Visual and Vibrational Soulscapes…!

At this Special Event~ Una will be showing her Soul Art Portraits~ as well as offering complimentary mini readings/demonstrations with a few members of the group (arrive early to get on the list!)~ while Kiana shares a soothing setlist of songs~ to help set the vibrations of the space~ to help EveryOne feel Relaxed, Healed, and Inspired~ just by being Present in the room. ♥

This is a Free Event~ Love Donations are Always Welcome ♥

Kiana will also have her Relaxation CDs available for Sale, and Una will be offering specials for future Readings and Healing Light Soul Portraits, Power Paintings, and Quantum Healing Art 
Looking forward to Feeling you There! ♥


UNA JASMIN WHITE, M.F.A., PH.D. is an internationally renowned transpersonal art therapist, soul portrait artist/healer, and relationship facilitator from Vienna, Austria. Based in San Francisco, Una makes special trips to the Hawaiian islands and around the world~ to offer her Loving, Pioneering Healing Art to individuals, couples, and even Loved Ones and pets who have passed on. Una offers “Healing Light Soul Portraits” (which includes a soul reading/healing, streaming your unique Divine essence painted especially for you, and Affirmations anchoring the soul painting experience), “Quantum Energy Healings” (promotes renewed vitality, creative solutions and perspectives, stress release, boosted immune system, and increased conscious awareness and intuition)~ and much more!

For more information, please visit:

KIANA LUNA was born and raised in the mountains of Japan, and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kiana has been touring with her music across Italy and other areas in Europe since 2010~ and has been performing in her homeland of Japan since she was 9 years old. After a unique encounter swimming with wild dolphins on the island of Oahu, she began composing what listeners felt was “channelled” piano music, which Kiana felt the need to share during her parent’s transformational “Peacefulness Workshops” across Japan, which she did for 20 consecutive years. Kiana currently performs at venues all over Hawaii, and volunteers her counsel and musical therapy to the elderly, at-risk-youth, and battered women. Kiana has released 8 Albums of her Pop/Folk and Ambient/Relaxation music, some of which are available on iTunes.

For more information, please visit:

Note from Kiana about Una: It is an incredibly fascinating and moving experience to have your Soul “captured” on canvas by Una~ as I did 6 years ago~ and I am thrilled to be a part of this Showcase to share her Unique Talents and Beautiful Presence with all of you here on Oahu! ^_^

Testimonial for Una White’s Soul Portrait Reading:
“Having a soul portrait with Una Jasmin White is a stunning experience. She starts with Reiki to bring messages and images directly through a divine light channel. She then uses her beautiful artistic/mystical card decks, while playing Reiki music, taking you through an intimate journey of realization of who you truly are. Una photographs the phases of the portrait to capture the sequence of your soul’s evolution as she masterfully imprints this reflection in soft pastel sticks. Una provides an audio recording of the session and to close, she provides intentions and affirmations based on the imprint. Afterwards to follow up she sends you the images with a brief written text of the important soul knowledge. Una is a brilliant intuitive channel and trained artist with an MFA, (Vienna) and PhD (Paris) in transpersonal psychology and this is beautifully apparent during the soul portrait session.” ~Christina Fisher, Maui, HI

 Empath Circle

Tuesday March 22, 7 to 9 pm

~2197 10th Ave~ Palolo Valley ​The VibeTribe Community Sanctuary

~Gathering together to better understand our gifts & take more loving care of ourselves, sharing what has worked for us, & practicing new skills . . . so we’ll shine our lights more brightly, & live  more joyful, balanced, & loving lives~

 We’ll share our experiences & our successes in:

  • Grounding & energy management ~​to help free us from other people’s energy, and experience more peace in any over-stimulating environment.
  • Creating boundaries &​say​ing​​ no with ease, for greater self-care, & so we don’t spread oursel​ves too thin.
  • Releasing core issues/energy that may trigger addictive patterns such as over-eating, over-working, worry, doubt.
  • Tapping into ​our Divine unending source of guidance and inspiration, for greater ​​health & well-being in all areas, emotionally & ​financially, & celebrating the ​blessing​s of being an empath! 

So that we grow as ever more free-flowing vessels of health & inspiration for ourselves & others . . .

We’d love to hear your RSVP (reply to this email!), mahalo!

For more information:  Ka’imi, 372-2082,,, LuSana, 386-5683,

Is this for YOU?

Are you sensitive to energy?
Do you feel energetic shifts within & around you?
Do you feel energetic differences in people, places & things?

Do you feel what is going on with others?
Do their moods/states of mind affect you?
Maybe even sense what they want or need before they do?

Do you easily connect with others’ emotions, find later it might be challenging for you to shake it off?

Do you sometimes (or frequently) feel like a sponge, taking on suffering or other energies?

Can you feel where someone is tense or hurting?

Do people share their personal experiences with you, because they feel safe with you?
Does that sometimes feel draining afterwards?

Do you feel (or know) you have healing abilities? Do others acknowledge you know just where to touch, if you are offering a shoulder or back rub (even without training as a massage therapist)?

Is it a challenge to be in a crowd?
Do you easily feel uncomfortable or over -stimulated, whether by sights, sounds, people or places, etc.?

Have others told you that you are too sensitive?

Do you need your quiet time to recharge & rejuvenate? Perhaps more now than before?

If you’ve answered YES to many (most or even all) of the above, fear not, there’s nothing wrong with you! You are most likely gifted with being an Empath, aka: a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Luckily for all of us, we can share & learn techniques that help us handle our gifts, so that we have more conscious choice in how we function in a world set up for those with other gifts (who may be just as loving, yet to us might appear more detached, less affected by life & their environment)​.

Please join us!

 ~~~~~~~~~~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This month in the time between the eclipses, we are navigating a period of accelerated energy and amplified thoughts that offers an opportunity to perceive alternate realities—creating a feeling of “time out of time.”  . . .The Vernal Equinox is exact on March 19 at 6:30pm Hawaii, when the Sun reaches 0° Aries. Equinoxes are solar gateways when the Sun rises and sets at the celestial equator, adding to the energy of the eclipse window and aiding in our perception of alternative time frames. It’s an auspicious time to create a ceremony to honor your sacred intentions and visions for what you would like to create in your life and for peace on Earth. ~ Karinna Nielsen (~Kailua-based Lemurian Astrologer!)

  . . . the call goes out to the universe; it went out some time ago and here you are, for you are the magicians on the Gameboard. You are the ones who can come in and ground your light by telling or teaching others, and being a healer, or just by being who you are. When you turn around and work with another being, you help them re-member their own empowerment and abilities to walk as a conscious creator on planet Earth. You are spirits of the greatest nature and you have come to bring your light to planet Earth at a very critical time, a time where you can help to ground a vacillating humanity. You are conscious creators walking every step of the way. ~“the group” via Steve Rother, March 18, 2016

The potent energy of the total solar eclipse of the new moon of March 9th is now flowing into the energy of the rising moon and powerful equinox of March. The vibrational frequency remains high, but is turning, shifting into the balance brought by the equinox, and then turning yet again to the introspective shadows of the Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of March 23rd;. and then the significant Saturn retrograde of March 23rd. The wallop of the Solar Eclipse is effectively followed this ‘Mega March Madness’ by what may feel like a 1 –  2 –  3 punch effect, by the triad of the equinox, lunar eclipse and retrogrades, but you are not out! The energy may feel so intense that it seems overwhelming, and lead to emotional extremes and restless nights. But it’s not without purpose. The March Equinox 

[Saturday, March 19, 6:30 pm Hawai’i Standard Time] is a special energetic time, and in truth a day designed for deep contemplation. It is within the energy span of the March 23rd Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon, and is influenced by the rising vibrations of both the eclipse and the overflow of the equinox.  . . . Equinoxes are times for regrouping and carefully considering the cycles just completed, and contemplating the actions for the cycle just beginning. Over the next 6-weeks, amplified by the energies of the mega eclipses & equinox,  as you will be mentally juxtaposed to face the truth of what has been positive and what has not, in terms of your actions, whether creative or destructive. The wise seeker is bound by conscience, and liberated by accountability. Accountability breeds responsibility, and responsibility is the springboard of wisdom. So over the next weeks, the astro gravities are aligned to confrontation…purposed surfacing of people  with whom you have   unresolved energies, of mis-actions, mis-communications & dishonesty … and the upward percolating of contradictory & conflict issues. With Saturn in retrograde motion, the karma will relate to how responsible you have been in the past, and provide you the opportunity, like it or not, to learn. ~James Tyberonn, March 17, 2016

When your thoughts and actions are for highest good, this creates an energy that promotes Love and Light. Each individual thought or action is powerful. Therefore, we are asking you to be mindful of your thoughts and to set an intention for highest good. When many individuals monitor their thoughts and set an intention for highest good, a feeling of Love begins to spread throughout the fabric of Creation. A sense of peaceful Light is available to all Beings. You are a beautiful beacon of Loving Light. ~Archangels Zadkiel Holy Amethyst [~twin flames], and the Angelic Realm of Light, via Linda M. Robinson

Limitations can also be described as illusions; both are the same. Illusions which are false beliefs, understandings and awareness cause limitations within your being and reality. When you accept illusions whether created by you or programmed into your being by others, you are trapping yourself into what seems like an inescapable space.  It is not until you become aware of the limitations and illusions you accept (which create the walls of your confinement) that you can allow them to fall away. . . .  If limitations and illusions were removed, you would be able to see the splendour of the Earth with the presence of the expansive and fulfilling Creator in everything. This in itself would encourage you to remain on the Earth to continue to evolve in unison with the Creator. I wish to share with you the message that no longer do limitations and illusions have to be your anchor into the Earth, your pure intentions and love will instead. Many Masters and Angels have been encouraging you to love yourself and love beautiful Mother Earth; this is because your love will become your new anchor into the Earthly reality; your pure love for Mother Earth. Thus allowing you the freedom to create a reality from truth. When you and humanity love Mother Earth, then illusions and limitations born from yourself and others will no longer effect and influence your being or be relevant. It is truly your compassionate and unconditional love for yourself, others and the Earth which will dissolve the walls of illusions and limitations which seem inescapable. There are numerous ideas and forms of conditioning, programming and brainwashing which you and others actively partake in daily. Imagine if many people developed an ability to recognize only the truth, seeing through deceit, truth would become the natural part of the Earthly reality. You do have this ability now; you always have and you always will. ~Sanat Kumara via Natalie Glasson, 18th March 2016

VibeTribe: Please feel free to share this & to invite friends & family to join our VibeTribe & Aloha Light Team mailing list.   Mahalo nui! Aloha, Ka’imi Nicholson, 372-2082 *•.¸¸☼ 

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