Sound Mandala Classes ~to sing our hearts out!

Sound Mandala Classes ~to sing our hearts out!

We have an amazing opportunity to sing . . . with a most wonderful vocal artist, Vima Lamura, ( who will teach & guide us to create “Sound Mandalas” together. ~an exquisite co-creation which we may ultimately perform & share.

I, Ka’imi, am thrilled that her classes will be held in our VibeTribe Community Sanctuary. All are welcome! The first class ​is Thursday, May 4th & will continue on Thursday evenings​, ​​$15 each. Please join us . . . & let your heart sing . . .

​”As we sing from the light of the heart, the universe within all creation lights up,​ in a unified field of love” ~Vima Lamura

VOCAL SOUND MANDALAS​ . . . are musical compositions, employ multi layered, soul stirring vocal toning patterns, harmonies, sound codes, melodies.


Vocal Sound Mandalas move in a meditative primordial sonic dance.
Each composition is unique with directive themes, creating a vibrational field to:
Heart expansion
Allow higher DNA attributes
Joy and Light
Transform DNA & molecular structure
Clear millenniums of collective suffering
Physical, emotional, energetic, mental balance
Activate the pineal gland
Clear trauma
Amplify SELFawareness
Integrate your subtle divine nature
Atune co-creative life rhythms for graceful synchronicity and peace

Learning VOCAL SOUND MANDALAS encompasses all of the above in a group setting through the courses, retreats, and events.
​Concert and Event participants are selected from the course sessions

~Vima Lamura: ​ ​Afriqe​ ​Sound​ ​Mandala​ ​Choir​ ​
​ ​
“Music is quite possibly one of the only pure art forms where the artist is themselves the source and the instrument . . . Old souls who have traversed eternity to now exist in close union with the Divine Source of all life . . . In expressing my thoughts about Music and the Artist with such a blessed gift, I was holding in my mind the image and essence of VIMA LAMURA, whose music and presence has enriched my life and healed my heart on every occasion I’ve been granted such grace”.
Tom Thudiyanplakal – Film Producer, Writer, Director ~ USA | India

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