SuperNova’s Cosmic Sound Journeys at Optimysstique 2017 Campout

SuperNova’s Cosmic Sound Journeys at Optimysstique 2017 Campout

Zedika (the #Gong!) and I are honored to share time and space with you on at least 2 different occasions at this year’s Optimysstique Festival on North Shore Oahu!

We have dedicated 2 specific times indoors in the ‘Chapel’

Sunday, February 19th

Please bring yoga mats or something comfy to lay on. I’m not sure what the temperature will be like, so you may want a blanket or sweatshirt to keep comfortably warm 🙂

Sunday brings us direct with the waning moon energies, headed toward the new moon next week. We are gathering more clues, more insight, more pieces to the puzzle, more tools and more confidence to begin planting new seeds for our next big changes in our lives during this new cycle of the moon. May we utilize the gong vibrations to bring clarity and courage to our hearts and minds and help us to keep moving with all the changes happening withing and around us!

*You may bring a notebook if you wish to document/proccess your journey! And feel free to bring any of your crystals that you may work with to connect more deeply with their vibrational frequencies!

More about the benefits of the gong and the amAzing Optimysstique Festival-Campout below!!!
OPTIMYSSTIQUE February 18-21st
(President’s day is on the 20th, so many of you may have the day off that Monday!)

What is Optimysstique?


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Some Knowledge/Benefits of the Gong:

-Organic Binaural Beats
-Balance Left & Right hemispheres of brain (corpus callosum)
-Stimulate Creative Centers in Right side of brain
-More Clarity/Awareness/Productivity/Creativity
-Activate & Recalibrate cellular electro-magnetic activity
-Strengthens & Resets Autonomic Nervous System
-Lowers Blood Pressure
-Raises your Energetic Vibration to a more harmonized state
-Relieves Stress
-Alleviates Pain
-Assists Body/Mind in its natural healing process
-Relax & Rejuvenate the body/mind/soul

-Helps to connect deeper to your Self and/or maybe a Source that is higher than your Self
-The gongs are known as a gift from the cosmos bringing connection to cosmic energies from the Akasha Rivers (Akashic Records)
-Possible remembering/discovering of information from all aspects and all lifetimes of your Self and beyond…past, present, future
-Helps to bring clarity to higher purpose here in this life
-Can assist in resolution with past emotional pain/traumas/traumas
♥ ♥ ♥

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