Tribal Connections Hawaii Presents: Hawaii Healing Arts Festival

Tribal Connections Hawaii Presents: Hawaii Healing Arts Festival

Aloha Beacon of Light✲♡”*•.¸¸☼ 

We have such a creative community! I am thrilled about all of our “Tribal Connections” & about those among us promoting our connections and taking the inititative to create space for us to share our gifts with each other & with the world! Sunday Sept 30th is a beutiful oportunity to be in the beauty of nature & community, mahalo nui to the organizers! And remember, there are many beings out there who are waking up to the truth of love & creativity, let’s help them find us, connect with others of like mind & heart & thereby become empowered to live their passion . . . all are welcome!

This invitation is for everyone! ~please share it? Mahalo! .

me ke aloha, Ka’imi

♥ We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ♥ 


~~~~~~~~~~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, yes, what you are looking at can get more chaotic, and soon will. Remember what we have said many times, you cannot build a new house until you raze the old. In the case of what you have had until now, remodeling would not work. The wood rot in the very framing is far too extensive. You will not find it pretty, but you need to see it so that you never allow it again. . . . 
If one were to make that personal development their focus, your entire view of the world would transform almost immediately. How so, you ask. First, it is time. It is time because humanity has said so. Second, now that your collective souls have asked for and accepted it, there are vast numbers of others ready and urgently waiting to help in your efforts.
As a reflection of your Creator, you are a creator. You might find it very enlightening to begin each day with the intention to create the best day that you are able. Seven billion people doing that would have a new world built in short order. One person doing that would have a new world built for herself in an equally short time. And what you do not see very clearly yet is that, that person’s world will affect all of the others. You CAN change your world ~The Council via Ron Head, September 12, 2018

 . . . due to the upliftment, due to the Higher Energies, due to the feeling of Love that will have been raised beyond that which you can imagine, those who are, as you say, on the other side will be much more readily available, in the sense that their Vibration will now be much more in alignment with those on the Earth plane.   . . .   All eyes are on you souls of Light upon Earth. For it is known that the shift in Energy will shift each and every one, and every Planet and Universe and Galaxy . . . literally. Because your Planet carries with it, within it jewels of untold mysteries. A benevolence that is contained within its Majesty that no other Planet has. ~Blossom Goodchild, September 14, 2018

Be open to the idea that your next level may look and feel quite different than now.  Trust that these next several  weeks could be foundational pieces for all kinds of new beginnings -some so radically different that your entire course shifts. One way to bring that new reality in sooner is to begin celebrating now, even before you have the details.
Know that you are loved and fully supported as you let go and allow the next pieces to unfold. ~Selacia, August 16, 2018

  Allow others their choices and do not judge them. Love them, have compassion, and be patient. They could surprise you with an awakening in their most divine timing. No matter what, keep kindness in your heart. This will elevate you and will keep you in sync with the energies that are coming. Brace your selves for what is new, true, and divine. Please remember we are one.  ~Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, August 2, 2018

 This next phase is everything we deeply long for, but likely nothing that we think it is . . . the revelation of which takes an enormous amount of trust and patience to witness as it unfolds, to collect the puzzle pieces until a clear picture forms. ~~Lauren C. Gorgo, August  8, 2018

This is the time we’ve been waiting for, when we as a collective move from a prior state of being (war, separation, fear) to an awakened state of being (unity, compassion, peace). This transition from a prior to an awakened state of being may not necessarily look or feel the way we imagined it would. But we are nevertheless most definitely moving forward in this direction, at warp speed. ~ Emmanuel Dagher | Jul 31, 2018 

Cooperation is Love in action, beautifully demonstrated by the outcomes that arise when egoic needs to be right or to win do not interfere with or derail the ventures in which people engage.   When you choose to cooperate for the benefit of all, there are no losers! The main and constant message that I keep on offering is that there is only Love, and that Love changes everything!  And if you will only look you will see that happening in many unexpected places.  Focus on the positive events that are occurring, and not on the negative outpourings of the mainstream media. ~Saul via John Smallman, 2018

. . . concentrate on well-being, peace, the beauty of the day,  . . . on whatever health, financial abundance, love, and reassurance you have in your life, and give thanks for these, with all your heart. Then extend that wonderful feeling of stability, calm, Peace, and reassurance to the Earth and humanity in all their current transformation and transfiguration. . . . Yes, even to those who are making a concerted effort to keep you in fear! Send it to them most of all. Your love will surprise, disarm, and direct them to realize there are other ways to exist in this Universe than the way they were trained to exist.   . . . Indeed, co-Creators—do you wish for All to be Well? Then visualize and give thanks, as if that were the case everywhere in the world. You may feel that “my small vibration will not carry very far!” and yet, we assure you—it is no small vibration. It has created worlds, and it is re-Creating your own world, at a phenomenal and miraculous rate. ~the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective viaby Caroline Oceana Ryan, 2018
. . . feel the freedom of finding peace, to live out this amazing adventure of life on your terms, to find true joy and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. To be able to look back on this challenging time as an extraordinary opportunity that was presented to you to take your power back, raise your vibration, and elevate your consciousness. To be a pioneer of the New Earth and have countless generations look back at you as one of the elders that helped heal humanity. ~Mike Picione~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VibeTribe is an open-source spiritual community of co-creators who unite once a month to inspire, learn, grow & celebrate. Centered in our own truth, we each & all step forward to lead our interactive gatherings, sharing wisdom from our own experience. (~ please connect with us about what you’d like to present at a future AudiOasis!). In this time of transformation for the world, we join together to create a powerful space to remember our superpowers as beings of Light, to realign & clear our energy fields & to step up our co-creation of the life & world we dream of!

♥ We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ♥ 

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