VibeTribe Presents AudiOasis: “Nurture!”

VibeTribe Presents AudiOasis: “Nurture!”

Nurture! 7-17-16

Aloha Beloved & Bright Lights,

Oh gratitude for all the magic & miracles! I invite you to hear about one I hope Sarah Daigle (back from Maine!) will share at AudiOasis! Our wonderful guest presenter will be Matilda Videgard-Lee, from Sweden, ( (read on below for more!).

At the close, we will have a short ceremony honoring the divine feminine, & men are asked to bring a flower for this! Please also consider coming at 5 to help us set up?! The more the merrier ~Mahalo nui loa!

me ke aloha nui loa, Ka’imi

PS As ever, to find channeling excerpts, please scroll down below the plumeria . . . 

VibeTribe’s AudiOasis:


Sunday, July 17th, 2016

2500 Pali Hwy, Honolulu 96817

Matilda will lead us in a practice that nourishes body and soul, through gentle intuitive movements, with the aid of meditation, poetry and healing touch. This is known in Sweden as “Women’s Yoga,” but for us, she will offer it to men & women, alike, so that we may each & all celebrate the feminine within each of us. This is a peaceful practice for all ages, sizes and levels of mobility; please bring a yoga mat &/or blanket to be most comfortable. The session will end with a sweet ceremony celebrating women and the feminine aspect within each of us. Men are asked to bring a flower for the ceremony.
We of the VibeTribe are so grateful to present this opportunity! As we know, there’s been an excess of masculine and mental energy in the patriarchal systems under which humanity has lived for thousands of years, and it is now necessary to bring morenurturing, feminine energy into our lives and world, in order to restore balance. Our divine feminine aspects are more heart-centered and rely more on our gifts of intuition, inspiration and creativity, as well as honoring our sense of community, and sharing with one another to meet our needs.  What Matilda will bring us is an opportunity to nurtureourselves, for there is no practice more vital than our own self-love, as we continue to shift our consciousness and our habits in our creation of a love-based world.

And we are so excited to welcome Sarah Daigle back from Maine to play her Gong for our Cosmic Sound Journey at this AudiOasis!

Please do bring friends & neighbors, we’ll be at 2500 Pali Hwy, so we’ll have lots of space for all!
~~~♥ We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are CREATORS! ♥~~~


Heart♡ Donation of $5 . . . for our Community to move forward with the loving work that we do together.

5 pm Set-Up ~ We greatly honor and accept any help ~many hands make a light load!


6pm ☼ Potluck Calabash ☼ – Non-Gmo Vegetarian/Vegan!

Healing Sanctuary & Free Store open!!

7-9 pm: Meridian Magic! Water Blessing, Group sharing, Sound journey & more!

9-10 Clean up, break-down, & put away ~& we need yOur help, mahalo! Extra hugs included.

☼ We do vibrantly ask for your minimum Heart♥ Donation of $5 to sustain our community . . . & for those who can donate more, please do (you can also donate via credit card on our website!), & witness your community thriving! Mahalo nui loa! ~♥~


~~~>>~♥~<<~channeling excerpts & more~>>~♥~<<~~~

Do not allow yourselves to be unduly and depressingly assailed by the gloom and doom of the mainstream media, because you know that what is occurring is a massive planet-wide clearance of negative energies – hate, rage, vengefulness, condemnation, and harsh judgment – which are rising into many people’s conscious awareness and causing enormous emotional upheavals in large numbers of them at this time.
You, the Light bearers and wayshowers, are doing tremendously valuable and effective work in helping to clear and dissipate these energies as you hold the intent for Love to penetrate every heart so that peace will be established in all areas of the world. . . . The Supreme Intelligence, of which you are all essential and inseparable parts, is Love. We, those of us transmitting messages through the various open and dedicated channels, have been reminding you and reminding you that Love is always the answer to any problem, and you have embraced that truth. The results of that embrace are amazing because it has empowered you to intensify your efforts again and again as you pray, contemplate, intend, or meditate for world peace by holding the Tsunami of Love close to your hearts in every moment. That is the most powerful activity in which you can engage to bring you to the moment of your awakening. And it is doing just that. If you could see what we see you would be stunned, because your tireless and enthusiastic exertions to bring all of humanity to the moment of its awakening are succeeding beyond your wildest imaginings. ~
Jesus via John Smallman

Whereas in the past, you might believe yourselves to be at the mercy of one powerful group or another, we would say that you are now in fact witnessing the beginning of the liberation of your planet. . . . Look beyond the seemingly negative moments of violence or conflict or deceit, furthered by your media and your world governments. Understand that when Britain voted to leave the European Union, it opened the floodgates to every country leaving it. And regardless of what the apparent economic returns will be now that that decision has been taken, it is a powerful signal to the old order that their time is done.

Note the love and compassion that reaches out all across the world for those killed or injured in the explosions and shootings created to instill fear and increase hatred. For they in fact are doing the opposite. In this time of the burgeoning Golden Era, only more love results from these events, not less. There is only more beautiful, empowering sureness within human hearts, of the sacred right of each individual to live out their life path in peace and justice—and that all Life is perfectly interconnected.

~ The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 6, 2016


The expansion of the lightbody from your inner heart moving through the dense physical body is an Alchemical process in which the physical body, itself comprised of matter and dense energy, again starts to assimilate itself into the physical aspect that it carries and executes, whereafter it multiplies itself with the energetic values of the completion and immediately dispenses and splits into a form of light that carries the values and charges of your energetic expression, your blueprint or rather, your essential Self in the expression of Light.

The Alchemical process is beyond the power of the existing words used by common folk to give an adequate explanation as it rather is a process of Being or more specifically a process of doing by Being. It is that ; nothing more, nothing less. You don’t need to do anything but being your Self, the being you truly are from your heart, and not from your mind, through what you think you are.That’s why the Masters keep on stressing the value of your Self, of Love, of Self-acceptance and of Self-worth.

MahaChohan Ragoczy via Méline Lafont


Some of us have been working on clearing our subconscious mind from fear for years, so we can become clear channels of light. It is such a joy to see the progress we have made. Love has won!It may not appear like love has won, but it has, and we are now on 5D Earth. The Earth jumped into the 5D timeline on the equinox of March 19, 2016. Many of us were already manifesting 5D and 6D energy, now the whole Earth will be able to do that. It will take a while to finish going through the process of integration. On May 21st when the sun lined up with Alcyone, we activated 7D energy. This is the energy of sound, and now sound healing will work very well. We are transforming into the new, so stay in the now, manifest love, and think with your heart. ~*Mahala Gayle*

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